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The concept design for the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) highlights the essential features of the strategic planning center while promoting an efficient and enjoyable workspace for its occupants. The concentric layout revolves around the maquette of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030, reflecting the idea of creation and spatial evolution of an Emirate-wide strategic framework plan. The UPC headquarters is composed of an iconic showcase building, as well as the center of development for the projected future of Abu Dhabi. The central hall area, which hosts an interactive concept model, also serves as the key social interaction zone. The circular gallery raises in full transparency, never taking the focus off the fundamental visual feature. From there, the layout gradually separates into two designated zones, allowing visitors and employees freedom of movement without disturbance.

Special relaxing and communication zones exist in both public and office sections of the building. Central public areas are developed to fully utilize all visual advantages, raising spirally around and above the main hall in internal and external rings. Internal void also provides climate control for maximum comfort. The layout design comprises the highest security standards for all occupants and visitors. Traffic flow efficiency is enhanced through clearly distinguished VIP areas, with glamorous features such as separate driveways, parking areas, transit corridors, and executive offices. Breathtaking views make one of the crucial design points, and each section of the building is optimized to present visitors with the appropriate representation. The thoughtful solution introduces windows arranged to steer the focus on three different sides, with high consideration for the privacy of the surrounding VIP area at the same time. Visitors and employees can enjoy a fantastic sea view, the scenery of Hor Elbateen Island, and the panoramic display of the impressive Abu Dhabi skyline.

Outside, each window is accompanied by a perforated panel. The facade’s aesthetic flair is highlighted in a juxtapose of privacy shields in intricate traditional Islamic patterns and modern, simplified structural forms. Simultaneously, such design supports the structure’s sustainability values, functioning as a sun barrier and heat protector. The UPC Headquarters project is a display of design’s ability to make a structure a vital asset of city identity. Its composition attracts visitors while providing locals and employees a feeling of belonging.