Police Station, Dalma Island





Emirates Real Estate Corp.


Abu Dhabi


Design, Supervision

Project Scale

2,300 sqm







The design of the police station for the municipality of Dalma Island is founded on concepts of security, reliability, and approachability. It’s a modern urban facility composed to provide a range of adequate services. Al Suweidi’s design team was honored to deliver an adequate answer to this responsible task. The facade style actively communicates on a formal level, reflecting the building’s purpose. The combination of concrete mass and glass elements embodies the philosophy of solidity and transparency, while cascading forms put a focus on dynamics, creating an urban point of visual interest. A rigid structural frame and all accompanying details comply with the highest security level necessary for the object of this type. At the same time, the design ensures sufficient capacity to satisfy the needs of the center committed to administering a growing community of an extensive regional area.

Establishing clear boundaries between spaces accessible to the public and the rest of the building marked one of the key project tasks. Meticulously studied spatial design solves the communication challenge in a way that simultaneously connects and divides those spaces, eliminating functional deficiencies. The layout promotes efficient, safe, and smooth traffic flow for different categories of occupants and visitors, starting from the connections with surrounding streets, parking areas, and an easily identifiable main entrance. All high-security facilities are adequately isolated and provided with minimal circulation, along with dedicated accessibility points.

The progressive design promotes the station’s utilitarian values with a range of specialized facilities for internal use. Apart from public access areas, administrative offices, investigation, and detention zones, it includes bedrooms, restrooms, dining area, and gym area for the staff on duty. Conveniently positioned community and training spaces support interaction and promote a healthy collegial spirit. All spaces are equipped with the latest technology necessary to endorse the station’s high-security standards. Visitor-friendly design profile and modern appeal incorporate safety on all levels, promoting the concept of a civil service devoted to common interests.