Building for Shaikh Mansoor Bin Zayed

Residential Apartments


Residential Apartments


East and West International Group


Abu Dhabi


Design, Supervision

Project Scale

13,700 sqm







Designed and built for His Highness Shaikh Mansoor, the 25-floor residential tower dazzles with elegant luxury in every detail. Located on one of the main streets of Abu Dhabi, the sleek structure dominates the area with its intrinsically powerful appeal. The intense simplicity of its lines highlights its character, making it a discernible street landmark. Modern urban design displays a grandeur visual expression, materializing the concept of superiority and communicating with the environment on diverse levels. Bold and clean vertical lines emerge from the ground to emphasize the structure’s architectural identity. Contours are defined, sleek, and tall without excessive embellishment.

Glass curtain wall provides a maximal level of daylight inside the apartments and facilities, along with exceptional views. The base consists of three underground parking levels, each containing four parking zones. The ground floor hosts a showroom, a waiting lobby, a reception, and building services, while the mezzanine floor is designed as commercial, connected to the main entrance and MEP service rooms. An open-space office area, suitable for different use performances, occupies the first story. A health club facility and accompanying services are located on the roof floor.

Each residential level consists of two extensive, meticulously designed apartments. The floor plan composition minimizes circulation and service zones, in order to release maximum space for the sizeable living area. Two of the four bedrooms are designed as master bedrooms, while premium finishing and first-class amenities further define the suits’ supreme character. By combining technology, tradition, and luxurious materials, the tower offers a high-end living experience. Urban form and modern character define it as a distinct, structurally expressive focal point, while its striking skyline figure performs as one of the area’s most prominent features.