Al Qouz Residential Complex (159 Villas)

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Residential Communities


Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme


Abu Dhabi


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161,600 sqm







The Al Quoz Residential Complex is located in Al Quoz 2 sector in Dubai, near Al Khail Street, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum District One, and Downtown Dubai. This new development extends over a land area of 900,600 thousand square meters. The proximity of major residential and commercial districts adds to the prestigious quality of the location, together with prominent landmarks such as Burj Khalifa and Sheikh Zayed Road.bThe project scope comprises 159 dwellings, with an implementation period of 20 months. It’s conceptualized as an ideal fusion of contemporary architecture with practical amenities that provide a comfortable living. Every aspect of the project complies with the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme standards of high-quality living.

Two principal designs feature four different facade types, arranged to produce visual dynamics by displaying architectural diversity. The Mediterranean model is represented with 40 housing units, along with the modern style. Another 40 units showcase Andalusian-style housing, while the rest depicts Islamic heritage. All dwellings consist of a ground floor with a living area, while the first floor hosts four bedrooms. The project meets global sustainability standards and environmental requirements. Superb thermal insulation is achieved with AAC blocks in external walls, a combo system for the roof, and double glass windows. It’s supported by a bright exterior color palette, high efficient cooling systems, and solar water heating. The result: 40 % reduction of water and 20 % of energy spending, followed by a significant decrease in monthly utility expenses.

The accomplishment was evaluated and confirmed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, awarding this project with the two pearls rating for achieving high-level qualifications of the Estidama program. Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme follows the Dubai residential neighborhood path, offering a range of first-rate lifestyle amenities to allure inhabitants and meet all their needs. With services and facilities ensuring positive communication between citizens, The Al Qouz project contributes to achieving community cohesion. By delivering superior housing, with excellent infrastructure that conforms to sustainability standards, it takes into account the core nature of the Emirati family, with a goal of becoming one of the most enviable developments in Dubai’s real estate market.