Private Gallery for MR. Al Otaiba

Private Residence


Private Residence


Al Otaiba Enterprises


Abu Dhabi


Design (Concept Design)







The private gallery and museum, owned by one of the visionaries of the new UAE, is conceived as a part of the existing private property. It’s designed to showcase the impressive personal collection of unique, treasurable pieces acquired through years from all around the world. More than just establishing a fitting background for the collection, the project reflects the client’s trailblazing legacy.

The core functional task of the gallery design is to showcase pieces in a deserving manner and protect them accordingly, while its abstract role is to capture the spirit and memories at the same time, giving them a solid shape. The geometry of the structure resembles the traditional architecture of the region revoked in a contemporary concept, with clear lines and defined angles deconstructing the formation to mark the transition to the modern era.

Local elements are highlighted in the traditional passageway, typical for old Arabic cities, yet embodied in a fresh vision. Intricate shading immerses the space in daylight, creating an absolutely stunning game of light and shadow. At the same time, its multi-functional purpose is to protect the interior from extensive heat, secure high ventilation levels, and create a comfortable micro-climate. Reflecting the identity of the UAE that looks into the future built on traditional values, the design offers visitors more than just an exhibition. The memorial project creates a time-traveling adventure, a sensory experience of the transition between old and new.