Khafeya Al Suweidi Mosque





Khafeya Abdullah Saleh al Suweidi


Abu Dhabi


Design, Supervision

Project Scale

1300 sqm






The Mosque for Khafeya Abdullah Saleh al Suweidi is a captivating new religious assembly located in Khalifa city, the new and growing area of Abu Dhabi. The vibrant and modern neighborhood required a novel design perspective with proper respect to tradition and architectural heritage. The design concept was based on blending the religious character of the structure with the contemporary nature and style of the area.

The aluminum facade with clean lines and minimalist form integrates the object into the landscape, while the glass panels communicate welcoming transparency. The stone finishing provides an elegant and dignified look, adding organic quality to the design. Its appeal is further enhanced with the glass mass, rendering an abundance of natural light along with the modern flair. At the same time, the frame creates a shade, minimizing the heat and supporting the structure’s sustainability levels.

Keeping the balance between the two main masses presented an additional challenge for the designers. The main mass is a prayer area of the mosque itself, while the other comprises a service division, with a house for the Imam included in the floorplan. The front yard of the mosque is organized in a way that expands the available space, making it possible to accommodate an additional number of worshipers. As a result, the design solution succeeds in the intention to secure high levels of light and transparency, while providing privacy for the worshippers at the same time.