Al Raha Village

Workers Residential Cities


Workers Residential Cities


Al Raha Village Real Estate LLC


Abu Dhabi


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30,000 Workers







Al Raha Village is one of the soundest worker housing projects in Abu Dhabi. Seven plots cover a total area of 202,000 sq.m, 49 multiple floor building with a built-up of 268,000 sq.m, where each parcel contains hostel buildings, service buildings, central kitchens, and dining halls. Composed in line with the best standards of the UAE’s cultural, industrial, and economic development, the area features green plateaus and a central zone with a mosque, clinics, recreational zones, banks, and other facilities aimed to serve a total of over 30,000 workers. Al Raha Village is created in coordination with ZonesCorp management upon the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to develop highly sustainable communities for skilled and productive workers. Due to multiple engagements in such projects and well-rounded expertise for each phase, Al Suweidi Engineering now offers extensive experience and reliability in designing this type of community development. The advantages are featured in the full scope of services, from regulation proficiency to problem-solving. Professional departments network ensures that every project is conducted in the most efficient ways.

The specific nature of the resident community determined one of the major design challenges. It was essential was to prevent traffic flow difficulties during the periods the inhabitants are heavily commuting – prior to/after working shifts. Comprehensive movement studies have been conducted in order to define all critical points, and expertise in the field led to smooth solutions that greatly increased overall efficiency and convenience. The settlement comprises 49 multiple-floor buildings. Each structure is created and processed in accordance with the highest international standards of design for hosting a workforce of different categories. Al Raha Village’s full capacity currently hosts people from various companies, in a range of professional categories, ethnicities, and religions. Our experience in studying and establishing such settlements brought awareness of the importance of social interactions and their influence on wellbeing. The goal was to provide a substitute home away from home. For that purpose, various social areas have been created for workers to entertain, interact, and feel comfortable.

In order to ensure a safe and convenient atmosphere above all, special attention has been devoted to the room design. A number of modern service facilities have been established to secure healthy living space, able to cover all residents’ demands, from free time amusement to shopping. The accommodation layout was elaborated to secure enough daylight to the rooms, followed by adequate support lighting. Clean lines and a straightforward organization ensure high-security levels, while the curated selection of durable materials effortlessly withstands heavy-duty usage with low maintenance. The village offers a broad array of residence classes to suit the requirements of various companies and organizations wishing to house their diverse workforce categories. All residences are categorized based on client specifications, made by the highest standards for this type of accommodation, and approved by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s administrative authorities.