Building for Al Ain Ahlya





Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Co. (PSC)




Design, Supervision

Project Scale

40,000 sqm







This project is a concept for a hotel located in Dubai, in the middle of a distinct seaside scenery that provides a worthwhile asset to the project scope. The principal design challenge was to secure this exquisite view to as many rooms as possible – the objective fulfilled by the winged shape of the structure. The full glass front façade maximizes the vertical surface’s utility, providing a number of benefits for most of the rooms. Along with the simultaneous views to both sea and pool, each room receives exceptional levels of sunlight, while the balcony arrangement guarantees undisturbed privacy. Besides attractive aesthetics, this solution allowed for improved light distribution, making the most out of the location’s initial value.

The modern beachfront property takes up a privileged position. For that reason, the design had to capture both the city’s thrilling nature and the calm tranquility of the beach. Its form pays tribute to the region’s architectural splendor and the best hospitality traditions. The health club and swimming pool area stand as an exposed podium, immersed in a landscaped garden, visually extending to the horizons. Eighteen residential floors of the structure overlook an inviting stretch of white sand, together with some of Dubai’s famous landmarks. The hotel’s diverse offer features a whole scale of units, from simple bedrooms to luxurious, spacious apartments.

Upscale facilities highlight wellness and sustainability, alongside the integration of energy-efficient technologies. The central lobby is directly connected to the ample parking area, as well as the front restaurant and cafe bar on each side. All circulation zones have been optimized in order to enhance the structure’s commercial value. Spacious floor plans offer a comfortable, undisturbed traffic flow around accommodation units. Design vision, energy, and quality of resources united in this project aim to offer the market a refreshed perspective of elevated simplicity. As a new interpretation of both heritage and service values, it creates an exciting addition to the region’s hospitality landscape.